Commodore 64 Dead Test Cartridge v781220 and 1541 Diagnostic Software

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This is the Revision 781220 of Commodores Dead Test diagnostic cartridge for the Commodore 64.

This is THE cartridge you need to test "dead" C64's!  It WILL boot the machine and run standard factory tests.  If it will NOT boot at all, there are flashing screens to tell you what the problem may be!  Are you interested in getting into vintage C64 computing?  If so, then you will want to have this tool in your toolbox!  Invaluable for determining the status of main boards and chips.

Rev. 781220. Located at $E000 in memory(Ultimax) and boots before kernal ROM.  ROM provided is a NOS ST ROM 128k that is reprogrammable if you decide to do something else once you fix your Commodore 64.

The second utility on the ROM is a Commodore 1541 tuning utility by World of Jani.  It has MANY features to tune and diagnose Commodore 1541 disk drives.

Instructions for jumper and DIP switch settings included.

Assembled in the USA (Delaware) and will ship same day if ordered before 3pm.