Versa64Cart v1.5 PCB

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This is for the version 1.5 PC board ONLY.  The non-red pictures are representative samples (of prior versions, v1.3, etc).  This product is RED with WHITE silkscreen and this is the latest v1.5 of the board.  They are extremely configurable and work flawlessly!
If you would like a custom board assembled with ROM, we can accommodate most any request.
The Versa64Cart is a generic EPROM/EEPROM cartridge for the Commodore C64 and C128. It can 

be configured as 8k, 16k, 8k Ultimax or 16k Ultimax cartridge. Additionally, the address
bits of the EPROM can be set by a DIP-switch which offers a manual bank switching for multi

game/multi ROM cart option (more than one cartridge image on one EPROM or EEPROM).

The Versa64Cart is not suitable to run a Kernal or software which require bank switching by

that software (e.g. games > 16k).

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